Child of Fortune is a 501c3 tax exempt, charitable organization.

Donations are IRS verified tax deductible.


BED + FOOD + Counseling


Child of Fortune is tax exempt, charitable organization focused on emergency housing for community college students currently attending a partner college. We will provide a bed, dinner and breakfast to participants.

Situational homeless does not need to mean the end to a student's pursuit of a better career, achieving goals, and dreams. By providing emergency shelter the student can gain the time and help needed to stay in school and achieve a stable living arrangement.       

Students are provided more than just a place to sleep, study and food. The program students also receive one-on-one therapy and group therapy sessions with a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The therapist donates his time for this important activity. It is important to help the student address the causes of homelessness, shame, guilt and personal goals to assure the student is more resilient and prepared in the future to succeed in academics and career.      



Child of Fortune is currently seeking a 2000+ square foot space within 5 miles of Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, WA to pilot this program.

This facility will be different from other emergency shelters.

  • The program will offer emergency shelter for students. over the age of 18.
  • The program is a partner college referral only location, no walk-in permitted.
  • The student must sign a Release of Information to assure that the student is enrolled and attending community college.
  • The facility has a 1 strike policy.

The students will receive WIFI and computer access to assure classwork does not suffer, a study friendly location, meditation space and a reserved bed to minimize the time spent away from campus.

Planned facility hours 7 PM to 7 AM 365 days a year


of Fortune

The Problem:

  • Community college students are perceived as not facing homelessness.
  • The assistance community sees the students as having resources and skills; hence, are not as needy as others in the community. This leads to extended waits on need based lists and even a lack of resources available.
  • The students feel shame and guilt; hence, may not identify as homeless.
  • Services are not offered with the needs of todays student considered.

Our Solution:

Plan A

  • Emergency housing for community college students with a focus on their unique needs.
  • Focused efforts on transition to stable housing to achieve academic success.
  • Counseling to address the emotions, fears, shame and guilt experienced due to homelessness.

Plan B

  • Affordable room and board housing as a transition to stable housing.

Ready 4 school


The primary goal is completion of the current quarter and transition to a more stable living arrangement.

The program is building a working in partnership with the partner community college to dovetail current program for need to this emergency housing option.

The program is building and has established relationships with other need based organizations in Pierce County, WA. We use our resources, persistence and energies to help bridge the relationships needed to move the student from homelessness to stable housing.