of Fortune


Child of Fortune exists to provide emergency housing for community college students with the partnership of the target community college. 


Community college students are the future for our community. We are aware of the gap caused by insufficient affordable housing. It is our vision that this is an attainable need to fill with the right partnerships.

We see each student as a person of worth and worthy of assistance in their journey. Our vision is to provide our support as a community that fits their need and culture. This includes placing the emergency homeless shelter within walking distance of the target community college, assuring a safe location with a dedicated bed, providing food, companionship and the services needed to succeed in college today.

  • Plan A: Provide emergency shelter and food when situational homelessness presents a barrier to college attendance and successful completion.
  • Plan B: Provide room and board type housing to support community college student transition to stable housing. This is necessary due to the current prohibitive housing costs. 
  • We will partner with the target community college to link the student to transitional and permanent supportive housing.
  • Teach persons to live in healthy, supportive relationships, which provide for emotional and physical support with personal accountability.
  • Create opportunities for donors and volunteers to experience making a personal difference in the lives of the people who seek help from Child of Fortune.
  • Empower our staff and partners to participate side by side in collaboration of support for those in need.
  • Aspire to provide an environment in which staff, students, alumni, donors and volunteers are not afraid to have fun. We foster the ability to choose an attitude of laughter, joy and greatness, and desire living life to its fullest every day.